Rock Star Acrylic Nails:
$50.00 and up for full set…allow at least 1 1/2 hours.
$35.00 and up* for fills…allow 1 1/2 hours:
$35.00+ add a color or keep existing color/$50.00+ change a color
~*Additional colors and/or elements $5.00 each.
 Glitter, Mylar, Foil, Fimo and More! Embedded directly into the acrylic. Built-in “Bling” that won’t chip or wear off, plus no extra time spent waiting for your nails to dry.
Pink & White Acrylic Nails
$50.00 Full Set… Allow 1  hour
Sculpted on forms (not tips) for a customized fit to your natural nails. Available in a variety of shades of pink and white to suit your personal taste. NO MMA! Careful application process to avoid damaging to the natural nail.
Gel Enhancements:
$65.00 Full Set of Sculptured Nails…allow 1 1/2 hours.
Fill: $35.00… allow 1 hour
Exceptional color clarity, adhesion, and shine. Must be cured with UV light, hypoallergenic product is non-damaging to the natural nail.


Basic Acrylic: $40.00… allow one hour
French Acrylic “backfill:” $50.00… allow one hour
Gel: $40.00… allow one hour
Rockstar backfill starts at: $50… allow at least 1 1/2 hours
Gel Manicure: $40
This is the product we’ve been waiting for– a polish that actually lasts on the nails for more than just a few days. Can be added to any enhancement service, lasts 2 weeks or more on natural nails!
Nail Art
$5 and up basic when added to service
$40/hour for specialty and custom designs or a la carte
Most nail art that I do is easily added on within the amount of time allowed for each service, but with the resurgence in popularity of genuine, hand-painted nail art, more and more clients are requesting specialized designs that require advance notice and extra time.
I enjoy these challenges and am eager to customize your nails to any outfit or occasion  and I appreciate your understanding that many designs simply cannot be accomplished without making advance arrangements for the additional time.
Enhancement Removal
$20.00… Allow 1 hour
 Nail enhancements should NEVER be “ripped” or “clipped” off!
I’ve also heard of salons that use a plastic nail tip (like the ones used for extensions) pushed up between the natural nail and the enhancement product to “pop” off the old product. These methods are painful and will contribute to unnecessary damage to the natural nail.
My professional removal process is PAINLESS and NON-DAMAGING to the nails.
I place an acetone-soaked cotton pad on each nail, wrap the finger tip in foil, then place each hand in a heated mitten. It takes about 40 minutes for acrylic to dissolve so that it can be gently rolled off with a file.

I strongly recommend a manicure with this service if you are not immediately replacing the enhancements.

Removal of “Rockstar” and Gel enhancements is a little more complicated because tradtional gels are impervious to solvents and will not dissolve in acetone. These enhancements must be filed off carefully to avoid damaging the natural nail.